Outdoor Fireplace, Fire Pits & Kitchen in Chattanooga, TN

Outdoor Living, Chattanooga, TN

If you and your family love spending time outdoors, an outdoor fireplace, fire pit, outdoor kitchen, or BBQ is a must-have for your backyard. Such a feature will create a great space for entertaining family and friends and spending quality time outdoors. You may prefer an outdoor fireplace that is part of a full-fledged outdoor kitchen. You may like a more modest fire pit that is surrounded by a few chairs. Whatever your outdoor cooking, entertaining, and hearth requirements, Riverside Stoneworks has the expertise, materials, and experience required to design and build them for you. We service our clients throughout Chattanooga, TN, and the surrounding areas.

Outdoor Fireplaces

A fireplace can work as an excellent addition to an outdoor living area. But you do not need to install a full kitchen to have a large outdoor fireplace. It is a perfect feature to add to your patio if you enjoy spending time outside all year round. Whatever style and material you may prefer, our designers and craftsmen can bring your backyard to life.

We design and build outdoor fireplaces using a wide range of materials. This includes:

  • Brick: It is a classic material that never goes out of style or feels outdated. Brick fireplaces are also easy to maintain.
  • Stone: We also build fireplaces using a variety of stone options including slate, granite, and limestone among others. Stone is a versatile and elegant material and can complement all outdoor styles.
  • Stone Veneer: We can also build fireplaces and other outdoor features using durable and beautiful stone veneer. Once installed, veneer requires minimal maintenance. It can provide a timeless ambiance to your property.

We can also install cast iron fireplaces for more rustic themes.

Fireplace Kits

We specialize in installing prefabricated fireplace kits that provide an affordable alternative to traditional, constructed fireplaces. The use of professionally engineered kits allows us to build fireplaces that are highly efficient and durable. Some of the key advantages of these fireplace systems are as follows:

  • Improved heat reflection due to angled back wall designs.
  • Superior performance due to specially designed masonry flue and lintel feature.
  • Safe product that is exceptionally strong.
  • Simplified planning, as fireplace kits are available in all sizes.

Fire Pits

We design and install fire pits that extend the amount of time you spend outdoors. They also add an excellent ambiance to your evenings. Most of our outdoor living area projects typically involve the addition of a beautiful and cozy outdoor fire pit. Well-designed fire pits add warmth and add interest on cool evenings and nights, allowing your family and guests to be comfortable in almost all-weather conditions.

We will consider the following factors during the initial design consultation:

  • Location: From an intimate spot for you to relax to creating room for a party crowd to enjoy the blazing fire.
  • Fuel: From firewood-powered fire pits to electric fire pits, we build all types.
  • Materials: We can build your fire pit using kits, natural stone, pavers, flagstone, and other materials.

Outdoor BBQ's

There is more to an outdoor BBQ than bringing the fun factor it brings to your backyard. It is a great way to entertain family and guests during the beautiful Chattanooga summers. You may need a charcoal or gas BBQ and we have the expertise to ensure your outdoor grill suits your specific needs. All our outdoor features are designed to flow naturally with the existing features and theme.

Whatever outdoor feature you may have in mind, you can discuss your project with one of our experts. Call Riverside Stoneworks today at 706-671-1833 to share your ideas and vision and we will help transform them into reality. You may also write to us via this Online Form.