Natural Stone Supplies in Chatsworth, GA

Natural Stone, Chatsworth, GA

A professionally planned and designed landscape is one of the first things that draw your guests’ attention when they arrive. When you take the time to design and build a beautiful and functional outdoor living area with a stunning fireplace, it is going to have a lasting impact on your property’s value and lifestyle. When it comes to your hardscapes, natural stone is an investment. It improves your outdoors’ beauty and the value of your property. Flagstone, fieldstone, boulders, and other natural stones can help retain your landscape’s beauty forever. At Riverside Stoneworks, we supply all types of natural stone and man-made stone materials for your projects. We supply and serve clients throughout Chatsworth, GA, and the surrounding areas.

Natural Stone

Natural stone has been used for centuries to create beautiful marvels that last almost forever. Stone is the recommended material choice for hardscapes, not just because it is abundant, but also because it makes perfect sense from aesthetic and functional perspectives. Our inventory has been built over decades of experience in the stone and hardscaping industry. We use our experience to understand your stone requirements and the benefits and restraints of each stone material.

Some of the popular natural stone options sought by our clients in Chatsworth include:

  • Flagstone
  • Bluestone
  • Fieldstone
  • Oklahoma stone
  • Crab Orchard stone


Flagstone is a flat natural stone slab available in a square or rectangular shape. It is an excellent choice for your outdoor project, whether you want to create a new walkway or renovate your patio. Besides its aesthetic versatile and durability, ease of installation is a big reason for its popularity. It is used in many types of projects including patios, retaining walls, walkways, fireplaces, driveways, stepping stones, fences, and stairs.

We supply different types of flagstones, including:

  • Gray flagstone
  • Tennessee Crab Orchard flagstone
  • Bluestone
  • Cherokee black flagstone
  • Oklahoma Stone
  • Stand-up flagstone

These natural stone options are also available in a variety of lengths and sizes. This means that you can always find a stone that is perfect for your project. This natural stone material stands out for its visual appeal and requires minimal maintenance.


Boulders are versatile landscaping materials and can be used to build a wide range of features including retaining walls, dry river beds, water features, and accent features for gardens and yards. There are very few hardscaping accents that can be as powerful as well-planned boulders. These natural stones are popular in creating a natural look that blends perfectly into the terrain that goes beyond your property’s boundaries.
We supply all types of builders meant for different types of projects. This includes:

  • Finger Boulders: These natural stones are commonly used for building retaining walls and edging driveways and flowerbeds.
  • Garden Boulders: These boulders are formed by palletizing multiple boulders together.

We also supply large builders weighing over 800 pounds.

At Riverside Stoneworks, we take pride in the natural stone products that we supply to our clients in Chatsworth, GA, and the surrounding areas. We are an authorized distributor for Belgard, Pavestone, and South Atlantic and offer all types of hardscaping supplies. If you need more information about our products, feel free to contact us at 706-671-1833.

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